Cold storage facilities worth Nu 94 M not in use in Sarpang & Wangdue

27th April, 2023   363 Views   BBS

The cold storage facilities in Sarpang and Wangdue Phodrang built at a combined cost of over Nu 94 M are still not in use after they were opened to the public around five months ago. People point out the lack of awareness of the availability of the facilities. They also say the facilities were inaugurated when fruits and ve...

FCBL completes its Statutory Audit for 2022

17th April, 2023   479 Views   FCBL

Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCBL) completed its Statutory Auditing for the financial year 2022 with the statutory exit meeting held on 14th April, 2023. The meeting was attended by the Assistant Auditor General, Compliance & Outsourced Audit Division, Royal Audit Authority (RAA), Thimphu, member from the auditing firm and t...

The new Chief Executive Officer of FCBL joins his office on the 2nd of April

5th April, 2023   414 Views   FCBL

The Board, Management and the staff of Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) is delighted to welcome our new Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Dorji Tashi, a person filled with energy and dynamism. He officially took over his office from 2nd of April 2023. Prior to his appointment as the CEO, he served as the Director f...

HE Honorable Finance Minister visits FCBL

16th March, 2023   413 Views   FCBL

His Excellency the Minister of Finance Lyonpo Namgay Tshering interacted with the officials of FCBL in Phuntsholing this morning. During his two-hour meeting, he highlighted on a range of topics of national importance; starting from the ongoing transformation to tax reforms to economic reforms to tourism reforms. He expl...

End of the export season

29th December, 2022   935 Views   FCBL

It is with a big sigh of relief, FCBL exported their last consignment of 8.6mt of potatoes to India which marked the end of export season for 2023. A total of 12,481.96 Mt of agricultural produces were exported to India through FCBL which is less by almost three folds as compared to pre-pandemic season. Potatoes constitutes...


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Commodity Unit Max. (Nu) Min. (Nu) Qty (MT)
Bag 00 00 00
Kg 13.00 8.00 00
Kg 10.00 3.00 00
Kg 20.00 16.00 00
Kg 6.00 1.00 00
Bag 00 00 00

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Commodity Unit Max. (Nu) Min. (Nu) Qty (MT)
Kg 31.10 19
Kg 18.60 10
Kg 32.10 31.10

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Commodity Unit Max. (Nu) Min. (Nu) Qty (MT)

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Commodity Unit Max. (Nu) Min. (Nu) Qty (MT)
Kg 25.00 25.00 4.600
Kg 37.00 32.00 7.500