Livelihood from growing potatoes

14th October, 2019   35 Views   Kuensel

Amidst a large and noisy crowd at the auction yard, Phub Gyeltshen, 46, looks nervous. As the potatoes are put to grading machines, the farmer keeps a keen eye on the labourers.

The farmer from Gangphey in Phobjikha, Wangdiphodrang has brought the first stock of potatoes at the Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited’s (FCBL) auction yard in Phu ...

Farmers fetch season’s highest potato price

6th October, 2019   75 Views   Kuensel

With potato price increasing by the day this export season, there is optimisn and happiness at the humid Phuentsholing auction yard as farmers are all smiles.

The highest price recorded until yesterday was Nu 36 per kg. More and more farmers are bringing their potatoes to the auction yard after a brief period of hoarding last month. Starti ...

The Hon’ble Speaker of National Assemble of Bhutan Visits FCBL

21st September, 2019   203 Views   FCBL

The Hon’ble Speaker of National Assembly of Bhutan visited the office of Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) in Phuentsholing and called a meeting in the afternoon of 17th September. During the meeting, the Hon’ble Speaker discussed on a wide range of topics from auctioning process to national food security reserve to school feeding progr ...

Farmers happy with potato price in S/Jongkhar

18th September, 2019   186 Views   Kuensel

Farmers who bring their potatoes to sell at Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited’s (FCBL) auction yard in Samdrup Jongkhar returned happy as the price is better this time.

The red large potatoes fetched Nu 24 per kilogramme (kg) while the medium sized potatoes are selling for Nu 19 a kg. Those categorised as small are fetching Nu 12 a kg as o ...


 Updated on: 14-Oct-2019 |
Commodity Unit Max. Price (Nu) Min. Price (Nu)
Kg 21.45 14.00
Kg 29.10 18.60
Kg 20.05 7.00
Box 530 160
Box 300 300
Kg 15.00 5.00
Kg 26.85 22.90
Kg 20.70 17.00
Box 370 370
Kg 18 3
Kg 117 83
Kg 27 10
Kg 17 10
Kg 47 7
Kg 28 10
Kg 57 7
Kg 33 3
Kg 107 107

 Updated on: 12-Oct-2019 |
Commodity Unit Max. Price (Nu) Min. Price (Nu)
Kg 21.70 10.00
Kg 15.50 9.10
Kg 10.20 10.20
Kg 23.40 16.50

 Updated on: 29-Aug-2019 |
Commodity Unit Max. Price (Nu) Min. Price (Nu)
Kg 121.00 90.5

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Commodity Unit Max. Price (Nu) Min. Price (Nu)

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