The functions of FCBL are categorized into two:

(1) Primary Business

Provide Access to Essential Food Commodities

FCBL engages in the business of providing access to essential food commodities all over the country, at all times. FCBL strives to be a leader in delivering quality essential food commodities at rationalized price. FCBL provides access to food by:

  • Engaging in the Wholesale and Retail distribution of essential food commodities procured at the most competitive price.
  • Managing National Food Reserve by holding agreed levels of stock as per the requirement of the “National and SAARC Food Security Reserve”
  • Managing SAARC FOOD BANK Stocks.

Promote and Support Marketing of Agricultural and Horticultural Produce

  • FCBL promotes and supports marketing of Agricultural and Horticultural produce of the Bhutanese farmers by:
  • Facilitating fair trade of Agricultural and Horticultural produce between the buyers and the Bhutanese growers through efficient and effective operations of the Auction Yards.
  • Identifies, promotes and develops marketing of any agricultural produce independently or in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture.

(2) Secondary Business

FCBL’s Secondary Business are strategic interventions which would financially support the achievement and sustenance of its primary business. FCBL currently engages in the following Secondary business.

Wholesale Dealership / Agency business

FCBL operates Wholesale Distributorship of consumer goods under dealership arrangement with Principal Companies of India.

Managing school feeding program for Bhutan (both RGoB and WFP funded Schemes)

FCBL acts as the managing agent of Ministry of Education and WFP in supplying commodities to the beneficiaries through its distribution network to various schools within the country.

Venture into commercially attractive agriculture / horticultural projects

Through research and development, FCBL identifies and undertakes commercially attractive Agricultural/Horticultural ventures that would benefit both the public and the corporation.