Strengthening food security

1st April, 2024   674 Views   Kuensel

As we chart our path of development, ensuring food security and nutrition for every citizen stands as a critical concern. In tackling this complex challenge, collaboration emerges as a pivotal foundation for crafting effective solutions. One of the primary hurdles confronting Bhutan is the triple burden of malnutrition. ...

FCBL & FMCL launch Drukgi Khamtey, a rice variety

19th March, 2024   639 Views   BBS

In a step towards promoting locally produced goods in the country, the Food Corporation of Bhutan launched Drukgi Khamtey, a rice variety. The product is a result of a collaborative effort between the FCBL and Farm Machinery Corporation Limited aimed at ensuring food security. Khamtey rice is known for its unique taste ...

Food Corporation and Farm Machinery Corporation Join Forces for 'Khamtey Rice' Production and Marketing

15th Dec, 2023   1184 Views   FCBL

In a groundbreaking move towards agricultural collaboration, the Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) and Farm Machinery Corporation Limited (FMCL) officially inked an agreement today, paving the way for a strategic partnership in the production and marketing of 'Khamtey Rice' - a unique, homegrown variety identical wi...

Cold storage in Sarpang finally utilised

2nd Nov, 2023   1383 Views   BBS

The farmer's groups and vegetable vendors are finally making use of the cold storage facility in Sarpang. These days, more than half of the chambers in the cold store are occupied with vegetables, fruits and meat. Until August this year, the cold store remained utilised. The facility is located in Samtenling Gewog along the...

New Cold Store Inaugurated to Bolster Farmers' Resilience!

09th Oct, 2023   1279 Views   FCBL

In a significant development for the local agricultural community, the much-awaited operationalization of our third integrated cold store was inaugurated on 7th October 2023 at Gomchu; Khaling, Tashigang Dzongkhag providing farmers with a vital contingency plan to safeguard their produce and enhance profitability. Farmers i...



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