Import ban on non-basmati rice likely to end soon

09th August, 2023   223 Views   Kuensel

The supply crunch of non-Basmati rice could ease if the Government of India (GoI) considers the government's request to lift the ban on its export. The government formally wrote to the GoI last week conveying the request. Officials said that the government has asked for approval to import 77,000 metric tonnes (MT) of ...

FCBL turns profitable after 7 years of losses

5th August, 2023   224 Views   TheBhutanese

After losses for seven straight years the Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) has managed to make some profit in its first two quarters or six months. In the last seven years from 2016 to 2022 FCB made a total loss of Nu 153 million. From January to June 2023 FCBL has made a profit of Nu 10.8 mn before tax as agai...

Presentation by Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited

13th July, 2023   347 Views   National Assembly of Bhutan

The Members of the National Assembly led by the Hon'ble Speaker attended a presentation on the mandates and operations of the Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL). The Opposition Leader was also present. The team is led by Chief Executive Officer Dorji Tashi. The presentation included the primary mandate of the corp...

FCBL inaugurated its new Warehouse-cum-Regional Office

05th July, 2023   381 Views   FCBL

Food Corporation of Bhutan Ltd. (FCBL) recently inaugurated its new Warehouse-cum-Office in Gelephu, which was graced by the Chief Executive Officer and Lam Neten, accompanied by officials from the corporate headquarters in Phuentsholing. The newly constructed facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and built ...

Representative from FCBL attended a Trade Fair in Dhaka, Bangladesh

29th June, 2023   307 Views   FCBL

Representatives from the Food Corporation of Bhutan Ltd. (FCBL) and the Department of Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives (DAMC) recently attended a trade fair in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to showcase Bhutan's homegrown Quinoa and expand its global presence. Supported by His Excellency (HE), the ambassador of Bhutan in Bangladesh,...


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KG 23.67 23.67 0.004
KG 41.20 35.20 0.02
KG 68.00 68.00 0.001
KG 46.67 38.00 0.25
KG 33.60 16.00 0.19
KG 50.40 28.00 0.01
KG 16.50 6.00 0.04
KG 17.90 8.00 0.37
KG 17.75 2.70 0.25
KG 18.45 10.00 0.66
KG 19.25 14.00 0.48
KG 16.57 2.64 0.02

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Commodity Unit Max. (Nu) Min. (Nu) Qty (MT)
Kg 18.00 16.00
Kg 5.00 4.00
Kg 19.50 17.50
Kg 70 50

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