FCBL Provides Mobile Cardamom Procurement Service

Following the directives and financial assistance from the Royal Government Bhutan, Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) has recently started buying cardamom from the Bhutanese farmers at the rate being prescribed by the government. Our buy-back rates ranges from Nu. 390 to Nu. 470 depending on the quality of the product. Currently, four teams comprising of four members in each team led by an experienced official from FCBL are deployed in different regions. Over the period of last two weeks, FCBL has purchased a total of 30mt and it is expected to increase in the following weeks.

FCBL has been offering a mobile service travelling from one place to another across 10 districts where cardamom cultivation is widely practiced. Through the arrangement of mobile procurement service, farmers are benefited significantly as they do not have to carry their products to the market. Customers also benefit from instant cash payment which makes their life easier. Cardamoms that are being purchased from 10 districts are brought to FCBL Central Warehouse in Phuntsholing for value addition through the means of tail-cutting, grading and packaging. The product will then be sent to regional and international market with a brand name 'Product of Bhutan' tagged on it.

The interesting fact is that, as soon as FCBL ventured into cardamom business, the market price for cardamom rose to Nu. 550 per kilogram which is good news for our farmers. If government continues to render financial assistance, FCBL is prepared to continue rendering similar service to our farmers in the future. Even more so, FCBL wishes to invest in setting up required technology for value addition and explore a sustainable market in the region and beyond so that our farmers could fetch a better price and improve their livelihood.

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