FCBL Voluntarily Surrendered their Subsidized LPG Gas

Inspired by the 'Citizen's Initiative: Our Gyenkhur', the employees of Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited, Corporate Office, Phuntsholing voluntarily surrendered their subsidized LPG gas cylinders for non-subsidized ones. The voluntary exchange of LPG gas was initiated as part of their 45th Foundation Day to remind themselves of their individual responsibility as a concerned citizen.

Mr. Naiten Wangchuk, the Chief Executive Officer of FCBL said, "I am hoping that the subsidized gas we have surrendered today would be used to distribute to the rural people". No image uploaded

"FCBL is the first agency who came forward voluntarily to take this initiative and I am appreciative of their initiative. I hope others would follow the same for the larger benefit", said the Regional Director of Department of Trade.

For a country that has an asset of electricity and technological advancement, we must capitalize on these alternatives to avoid our heavy dependence on other nations and for the sustenance of our economy, according to Dorji Tashi, the Director of Department of Corporate Business, FCBL. A total of 48 employees from the Headquarter office came forward to volunteer and surrendered 46 subsidized LPG gas and availed 64 new non-subsidized cylinders.

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