FCBL Resumes Auction Season for 2019

Following the exhaustive mobile service for cardamom procurement from the nine southern districts, FCBL resumed its auctioning service in their main Auction Yard in Phuntsholing from 8th May 2019 with a simple prayer ceremony. It is around this time of the year, FCBL starts to receive farm produces at our auction yard mostly from Paro and Chabcha.

Asha Paw Tshering was the first person who availed the service this year. Interestingly, Asha Tshering was also the first person to benefit from our auctioning service last year. This time, he auctioned 60 bags of peas and fetched price ranging from Nu 2,400 to Nu. 4,640 per quintal. As the availability of peas in the Indian market is on decline, the price is expected to increase progressively.

Through the FCBL Auction Yard, a wide range of fruits and vegetable items are being traded and potato is the dominant item of all. Last year alone, FCBL has traded 4,024 metric tones of fruits & vegetables (worth of nu. 105 Million) and 30,885 metric tones of potatoes (worth of 635.52 million). Farmers fetched as high as Nu. 5,000 per quintal, setting a record high in the history of FCBL.

As the new auction season unfolds, FCBL is fully prepared to provide their best service to the farmers. Farmers are also beginning to benefit from the online auctioning service which is expected to increase this year. FCBL seeks continued support and cooperation from the farmers and other relevant stakeholders to make new auction season a successful one.

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