FCBL employees surrender their subsidised LPG

In line with the “Citizen’s Initiative: Our Genkhur,” employees of Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited (FCBL) in Phuentsholing voluntarily surrendered their subsidised Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders for non-subsided cylinders on August 16.A total of 46 subsidised LGP cylinders was surrendered and officials availed 64 non-subsidised LPG cylinders.

The voluntary exchange of LPG gas was initiated as a part of FCBL’s 45th Foundation Day.Officials say it was to remind themselves of their individual responsibility as concerned citizen.The chief executive officer of the corporation, Naiten Wangchuk, said he is hoping that the subsidised gas FCBL has surrendered today would be used to distribute to the rural people.

The regional director of Department of Trade in Phuentsholing, Pem Bidha, said FCBL is the first agency to come forward voluntarily to take the Genkhur initiative.“I appreciate their initiative,” she said, adding that she expects others would follow for the larger benefit.

She also said that there were other people from different organisations who have surrendered the subsidised LPGs after the government began the initiative. Apart from the FCBL’s voluntary initiative, about three Genkhur programmes have been initiated in Chukha and Samtse.With FCBL’s surrendering, the trade office has recorded a total of 128 subsidised LPGs being surrendered since April this year in Chukha and Samtse. A total of 161 non-subsidised LPGs have been issued through the programme.

The regional office also has recorded issuance of 3,490 non-subsidised LPGs from January to July this year.The refill price of a sub-sidised LPG cylinder in Phuentsholing today cost Nu 503, while the refill of a nonsubsidised cylinder is Nu 603.Trade officials in Phuentsholing said that there are three upcoming Genkhur programmes in Gedu, Gomtu, and Sipsu.Our Genkhur, an initiative of voluntarily switching to non-subsidised LPG by citizens was initiated in April.

Many people in Phuent-sholing are also looking for-ward to this initiative.A private employee, Pema said that he is also planning to switch to the non-subsidised LPG.“It is just a difference of Nu 100 or more,” he said, explaining it would not hurt his income anyway.“This is the least I can do as a Bhutanese in support of our government’s noble initiative.”Pema, however, said that the trade office should ensure that the subsidised LPGs reach the needy ones.

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