Mongar FCB has gathered stock for three months

As the Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) gears up to stock up essentials for six months, Mongar FCB godown in Hurungpam has received almost half of it as of date.

Until last week, the depot has received 422 metric ton (MT) of rice, 15 MT of pulses, 14 MT of edible oil, 14 MT of sugar from its six months’ quota of 811 MT of rice, 79.84 MT of oil, 32.57 MT of pulses. The record shows almost 50 percent of rice and pulses, and 20 percent of oil reached the depot so far.

The depot’s manager, Birkha Bdr Darjee, said around 13 trucks ferrying mixed essentials from Samdrup Jongkhar regional FCB depot drop goods to the depot every week.

Around 700 MT are stored in the go-down that has a storing capacity of 850 MT. FCB officials said the essential goods are distributed daily and additional 200 MT would be stored to reach its full capacity.

“Then we will start stocking up at the multipurpose hall of Mongar HSS,” Birkha Bdr Darjee said.

Meanwhile, the sales and distribution from the depot have soared up by manifolds after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. Since March 19 to April 26, the Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) depot has sold 3.65 MT of the pulse (Dal), 6.92 MT of salt, 13.66 MT oil, 3.49 MT of sugar and 163.98 MT of rice in slightly over a month’s time, which is several times more than its regular sales.

In February month, the depot sold only 7 MT of rice, 1.05 MT of dal, 2 MT of oil and 1 MT of salt.

FCB officials said customers, mainly retailers and wholesalers came rushing at the beginning of this month buying from a few bags to 3 MT of rice. “But the sale has slightly dropped now,” the manager said.

The essentials were supplied to the wholesalers and retailers of Mongar, Lingmethang, Gyalpoizhing, Kilikhar, Yadi town, Silambi and Gondue gewogs, besides the 18 farm shops in the dzongkhag.

It is not known when the consignment for the whole six months would be deposited at the depot.

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