Indian Laborers of FCBL Celebrates Vishwakarma at the Auction Yard

As the Indian Laborers of FCBL celebrates Vishwakarma Puja today, the officials of FCBL from the Head Office joined their Hindu community to offer their prayers to Vishwakarma, a Hindu God who is popularly worshiped as the original creator and the chief architect of the universe.

As a mark of reverence, the day is generally celebrated by industrial and factory workers besides craftsmen, mechanics, smiths and welders to pray for their better future, safe working conditions and, above all, success in their respective fields.

Similarly, the laborers at FCBL Auction Yard, Bulk Godown and WFP Store offered their prayers to the Lord Vishwakarma, for healthy, prosperous and successful life. They also pray for the smooth functioning of the machines and equipment to assist them effectively in their daily work.

Auction Yard, Bulk go-down and WFP Store remain closed every year around this time as the laborers are mostly from the neighboring Indian community. FCBL family wishes every one who believes in Vishwakarma a happy celebration.

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