FCBL Annual Review Meeting 2020

In an attempt to access the performance of the past year and to chart out plans and priorities for 2020, three days Annual Performance Review meeting was held from 28th January 2020 in HQ, Phuentsholing. Assessment of the reports indicated 100% target achievement with 30% growth in the overall business performances although operation of farm shops continue to incur hefty amount of loss to the company. It was found out that only one farm shop have attained its break-even point out of 155 farm shops, signaling the economic viability of its continued operation.

As part of the event, Annual Performances Agreements (APA) for 2020 were also signed between the Chief Executive Officer and Department Heads. This was followed by signings between Department Heads with Regional Managers & Division Heads. The Chief Executive Officer urged to work harder and devised innovative strategies to overcome emerging challenges.

The three day meeting concluded by awarding prizes to the best performing depots by the Chief Executive Officer. Khuruthang Depot under Thimphu region, Trashigang depot under Sumdrup Jongkhar and Trongsa Depot under Gelephu regions topped the performance under their respective regions. Led by the Chief Executive Officer, the meeting was attended by directors, the depot managers, regional managers, and division heads.

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