FCBL completes its Statutory Audit for 2022

Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCBL) completed its Statutory Auditing for the financial year 2022 with the statutory exit meeting held on 14th April, 2023. The meeting was attended by the Assistant Auditor General, Compliance & Outsourced Audit Division, Royal Audit Authority (RAA), Thimphu, member from the auditing firm and the FCBL management. Completing a Statutory Audit is an important process that helps ensure the accuracy and compliance of an organization's financial records and operations. The Chief Executive Officer of FCBL, Mr. Dorji Tashi expressed his gratitude to the Statutory Audit Team, Royal Audit Authority (RAA), and the Company’s Finance & Internal Audit Team and all others who were engaged, stating, “FCBL remains committed to maintaining highest standard of financial accountability and transparency. The successful completion of the Statutory Auditing is a great reflection of the teamwork and dedication. Our focus on the continuous improvement and excellence will remain our priority” Following the exit meeting, an Audit Awareness program was conducted by the Assistant Auditor General, RAA of Phuentsholing region to educate our employees on the fixing of accountabilities. The program aimed to ensure that everyone in the organization is aware of their accountabilities and understands the significance of being accountable and taking responsibility for their actions. The program also covered various topics, including the role of audits in identifying areas of improvement, the importance of transparency and accuracy and the consequences of non-compliance with regulations.

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