FCBL Makes Initial Moves towards Franchising Farm Shops

In an attempt to contribute towards the national goal of rural entrepreneurship development, a day-long consultative meeting was held at the FCBL Corporate Head Office yesterday to discuss on the possibilities to franchise the farm shops. During the meeting, the participants deliberated on the crucial aspects of franchising such as opportunities, roles of franchisor and franchisee, operation mechanisms and way forward. FCBL initiated this move for the first time to support competent sale executives who wishes to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship by taking over the farm shops under the franchise arrangement.

Through this initiative, FCBL hopes to make food and essential commodities easily accessible at an affordable price. In addition to it, sales executives (franchisees) shall be given greater independence to operate farm shops of their choice. After signing the franchise agreement, the sale executives shall be formally separated from the FCBL. However, as a responsible franchisee, they are mandated to operate the farm shop consistent to its objectives and maintain adequate stock of goods and inputs to meet the requirements of the farmers. The sale executives will be given the liberty to source any items required at the Farm Shop from the FCBL.

However, should sales executives require additional items that are not available with FCBL, the sales executives shall have the liberty to source from other suppliers except tobacco, alcohol and other abusive substances. They are also expected to implement buy back and marketing of RNR goods. On the other hand, FCBL as a franchisor, offered to help the sales executives by allowing them use the brand name as 'Sonam Tshongkhag', provide infrastructural and credit facilities, technical backstopping and advisory support as and when required.

A total of 13 sale executives participated in the consultative meeting and confirmed their interest to instantly take over the farm shop operation under the franchise arrangement. FCBL hopes to replicate the similar arrangement with other interested farm shop operators in the near future.

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