FCBL Reviews their Business Performance

In pursuant to their overarching vision of "Ensuring food security for the nation at all times...", FCBL has reviewed their business performance to ascertain the progress and achievements. It was found out that the auction services rendered through auction yards (Phuntsholing, Samtse, Sumdrup Jongkhar and Gelephu) are at its height. The NFSR stock is progressing well and land acquisition for infrastructural development for NFSR warehouses are in full swing although with some hurdles due to stringent procedures. No image uploaded

The business performance report indicates that the overall sales have increased by 14.32% within the period of last six months. However it was found out that the operation of a chain of farm shops across the country have incurred a significant loss of Nu.16.54 million within the period of last six months.

During the meeting, the participants have also discussed on the major constraints, appropriate interventions and way forward to further strengthen the business operation system. The two-day meeting, which was chaired by Chief Executive Officer, the Directors, Regional Managers, Division Heads and other relevant participants took part in it.

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